TAPI and Faxing

Microsoft's Telephony API (TAPI) provides developers with a standardized interface to rich telephony hardware. By utilizing TAPI, developers can write applications that support any device with a TAPI driver. TAPI eliminates the need for developers to wrestle with device specific APIs and enables well-behaved device sharing between TAPI applications. Unfortunately TAPI is very complex and does not include direct support for sending and receiving faxes on standard Class 1/2/2.0 faxmodems. ExceleTel TeleTools makes adding TAPI telephony functionality to your applications quick and easy. To create a seamless TAPI/FAX solution, ExceleTel teamed up with Data Techniques, the leading FAX controls vendor. Working together, we provide a world-class set of controls for adding complete, TAPI based, send and receive fax support to your applications -- quickly, easily, and with the reliability that can only come from high quality commercial components.

To illustrate how easy it is to utilize these two controls to provide TAPI enabled faxing we've created two sample applications. The Sending Example and Receiving Example illustrate how little code is needed to create a TeleTools / FaxMan Jr. telephony fax application.

Visit the Data Techniques web site to learn more about how using FaxMan Jr. with TeleTools can simplify the development of fax enabled applications.