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I would like to take a minute and comment on the JumpStart program you offer.

I was pleasantly surprised on how fast your JumpStart program got me moving on my project.  Quite often you spend a day or two learning the basics, but with this training I was up to speed in a matter of hours.

My questions were answered in plain English, and the examples were clear.  I would recommend this JumpStart program to anyone that is interested in your toolset!

It was a pleasure working with your team!

Pat Buchanan
Director of Technology

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JumpStart Training Service

Be up and running in an hour! 

To get your project off to a quick and successful start your interests will be best served by our unique and highly regarded JumpStart service.

JumpStart is a great solution to these and many other needs and will provide you with answers to telephony questions that you don't even know you have yet. 

JumpStart provides you with several benefits, including an hour or so of real-time, one-on-one interaction with one of our technical staff.  This typically covers the basics of TAPI, TeleTools, TeleScope, interacting with your telephony device, etc.  All this in the context of your specific application needs and tailored to your current level of knowledge.  Some one-on-one time with an experienced telephony professional can help plow through some of the issues you will face and explore alternatives.

Some of the other JumpStart benefits include extending the TeleTools trial period to 30 days, some follow-up help during that time, and access to additional sample programs specifically targeted to your project needs.  

Please give our JumpStart service serious consideration.  A JumpStart starts at only US$199 and it will ABSOLUTELY save you a LOT of time.  We can not stress the value of this service enough.  Everyone that takes advantage of JumpStart is very happy that they did.

How It Works

Have your project already started, save a week of time and effort!

Once you enroll for the JumpStart Training Service we will schedule an uninterrupted hour for your training.   You install the ExceleTel software and your telephony device, we do the rest!  We will walk you through working with our tools, connecting to your telephony device, and writing basic code to handle functionality you will be using in your actual application.  It's like having a support engineer over your shoulder to guide you as you begin your project.  Here are some of the things covered in the JumpStart Training:

Consulting Services and Development Services

Do you need more than just traditional technical support?  ExceleTel has been at the forefront of TAPI software development for well over 10 years. Our experience in the development tools business with TeleTools has exposed us to a very wide range of telephony applications, telephony platforms, and perhaps most importantly, the wide and sometimes very frustrating range of telephony issues that you too may experience.

If you need help with things like computer telephony systems design, research on a specific TAPI device or function, or just want us on your team for ad-hoc queries, then our Consulting Services can help.  If you are short on in-house resources or just want to hire experts who can save you time in coding your application, then you need our Development Services.  Just click on the appropriate hyperlink to be taken to more information about how these services can benefit you.

We have helped developers all over the world navigate their telephony projects from concept to successful deployment.  Contact us today and perhaps we can help you too!