Telephony Hardware Support

ExceleTel TeleTools works with virtually any TAPI device and most development environments.  Our software is used around the world in thousands of applications and with hundreds of different hardware systems.  This is a partial list of hardware that either we have tested or our customers tell us they have found to work with TeleTools.


PBX /  Phone Systems

3Com GoldStar ( LG Electronics) Panasonic
Aastra Inter-Tel ( Executone) Philips
Alcatel Iwatsu (ADIX) Picazo (formerly Dash now Intel)
Altigen Lucent (Definity) Samsung
Avaya (Network Alchemy) Mitel Siemens (HiCom, HiPath)
Cisco Systems NEC snom ONE
Comdial Nortel (Meridian, Norstar) Tevitel
Ericsson Vertical Networks (InstantOffice) Toshiba



  • Please contact us to acquire a great VoIP SIP stack that can provide extensive functionality from custom  softphones to a full host media processing (HMP) multi-channel application platform (up to 240 channels per PC).

Dialogic (formerly Eicon, formerly Intel Dialogic)


  • Please contact us to obtain TAPI drivers for your CAPI compliant device.

Way2Call Hi-Phone

  • Technical Information

  • Hi-Phone Desktop Lite
    Based on a newer technology platform than the above models, the Lite offers a suite of features adequate to support most desktop and automated voice telephony applications.

  • Hi-Phone Desktop Pro
    With even more features that the Lite model, the Pro can support even more types of applications, including advanced applications like on-hook phone line monitoring and line-tap recording.

  • Hi-Phone Maestro (4 Line)
    This professional telephony product is designed to support applications that require high quality audio with enhanced functionality and multiple lines.

  • Hi-Phone Desktop RS232 (legacy product)
    Great low cost, single line, external RS232 TAPI device.

  • Hi-Phone Desktop USB  (legacy product)
    More features than the RS232 version make this device great for an even wider variety of applications.

MediaPhonics PhoneRider

  • PhoneRider ISA - See note below
    Single line internal ISA device.  Great for desktop attended telephony applications.
  • PhoneRider USB - See note below
    Single line external USB device.  Full featured.  Great for both desktop attended and low-density unattended applications.
  • Product availability update.  As of November 1, 2008 ExceleTel has a very limited quantity of MediaPhonics PhoneRider ISA boards available for sale.  These are most appropriate for current users with legacy application needs. Please contact us for assistance.
  • Transitioning to a new device.  ExceleTel can help make your transition from MediaPhonics to a new voice telephony platform as fast and easy as possible. Please contact us for assistance.
  • Please note:  MediaPhonics, the manufacturer of the PhoneRider product line, has ceased operations.  The information on this web site is provided as a courtesy.

Voice Modems

NOTE / DISCLAIMER: Please know that neither ExceleTel nor anyone else can possibly verify or keep up with every combination of hardware, driver, operating system, versions, service packs, patches...  You get the idea.  This document serves only as a guide to help you in finding information about a small sampling of the hardware we or our clients have determined to work effectively with applications developed using TeleTools.  ExceleTel can make no guarantee or warranty as to the applicability of this information under you particular conditions.  However, if you have issues with your computer telephony platform or application, it is likely we can help.  Contact us for additional information.