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PLEASE NOTE:  In 2009 Nortel filed bankruptcy and ceased operations (for more information see  Avaya subsequently acquired the Nortel Enterprise Solutions business unit which included the Nortel PBX products.   Most of these products are now either discontinued, EOL, or are being supported and sold by Avaya.

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Drivers / Telephony Service Providers (TSP)
Sample Programs

! NOTE / DISCLAIMER: Please know that ExceleTel can not possibly verify or keep up with every combination of hardware and operating system and changing version and in no way endorses any particular manufacturer's product other than our own. This document serves only as a guide to help you in finding information about hardware our clients have said successfully works with applications they have developed using TeleTools.  ExceleTel makes no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy of this information.

Drivers / Telephony Service Providers (TSP)

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Sample Programs

Click here for a complete list available sample programs provided by ExceleTel.

Here is a list of sample programs that work well with most PBX's and phone systems:


Technical Notes

Nortel Norstar

The TAPI 1st party TSP is delivered free of charge and requires a CT adapter that connects the handset to the PC.  Norstar Computer Telephony Adapter (CTA) devices bridge the gap between telephone systems and computers and are based on the Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) standard developed by Microsoft, to work with a wide variety of CTI applications. Norstar offers several CTA options for basic, advanced or integrated desktop CTI. 

In practice, a "CTA 100" is connected to a user's local telephone extension line and then to the local computer via a serial cable. You must install the TSP software that comes with the CTA 100 so that it can communicate with  TAPI and TeleTools.  

In 3rd party mode, the CTA 100 connects to one of the extensions on the PBX and the CTA 100 is connected to a telephony server (any Windows NT Server) with it's serial cable.  Then, with a license obtained from Nortel, you install the 3rd party TSP on the server.  You may also need to purchase a user license to enable the ability for multiple machines on the network to access this server and control lines on the PBX.  You then install the "TAPI Remote Service Provider" that comes with windows on each workstation that you want to connect to the server.  Click on the link form more information.  You must run TCMAPP on the NT Sever and run TCMSETUP /c <server machine name> on the client.  A Powerpoint presentation that tries to make the remote TSP installation easier is here:

In third party TSP mode, the Remote TSP software is now your driver on the local machine, which talks to the TSP running the CTA 100 on your server, which then links to your PBX through TAPI to TeleTools.  Note that many manufacturers make this much simpler by writing their own TSP's that work in first and third party modes.  

Nortel Meridian

The Nortel Meridian supports both first and third party configurations.  Depending on your phone system, you connect an MCA or CTIA to the local users telephone extension line and connect the device to the workstation with a serial cable.  Once you install the TAPI TSP that comes with the device on the workstation, it talks to TAPI and provides access to call control on that line.

In third party configuration, you would install Tapi Service Provider Direct Connect on a WinNT/Win2K server. The server connects to a Meridian 1 an  Ethernet network connection and the TCP/IP protocol. You can then use Windows' "TAPI Remote Service Provider" to connect to the TSP running on the server and allow call control through TAPI and TeleTools.

Yet another option is to use a TAPI Symposium Server.  The Symposium TAPI 2.3.1 Service Provider (SP) for Meridian 1 is a multifunctional Microsoft TAPI 3.0-compliant service provider that marries the Microsoft TAPI 3.0 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to the Meridian 1. Together these products allow the telephony capabilities of the Meridian 1 to be easily and very cost effectively integrated with Windows-based business applications.

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