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! NOTE / DISCLAIMER: Please know that ExceleTel can not possibly verify or keep up with every combination of hardware and operating system and changing version and in no way endorses any particular manufacturer's product other than our own. This document serves only as a guide to help you in finding information about hardware our clients have said successfully works with applications they have developed using TeleTools.  ExceleTel makes no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy of this information.

Sample Programs

Click here for a complete list available sample programs provided by ExceleTel.

Here is a list of sample programs that work well with most PBX's and phone systems:


Technical Notes

The Cisco TAPI TSP solution uses the Cisco CallManager software to allow you to configure and manage your TAPI users.  You can even install multiple Cisco TSP's on the same machine.  Instead of having one TSP with multiple lines, you can create multiple TSP's, each of which controls it's own line.  This would be the equivalent of having multiple different devices on your machine and just selecting the appropriate device that you with to use for Telephony.  Here are two links that offer different views of the same thing:

Cisco TAPI TSP installation instructions

Another link for Cisco TAPI TSP information and installation instructions

NOTE: You must have the proper version of your TSP client software to match your version of CallManager.  If you upgraded to version 3.1, then you must upgrade your TAPI TSP.  In addition, if you get a newer version of the TSP, it will not work with older versions of CallManager.

Cisco 1st and 3rd party TAPI is shipped with CallManager. Search on TAPI and open the link to Cisco TAPI Overview. It lists all the TAPI calls supported plus extensions 

Wave Formats

The formats supported by the TAPI Wave Driver are 16-bit PCM at 8000Hz, 8-bit ulaw at 8000Hz, and 8-bit alaw at 8000Hz.

You can only play record wave files on Cisco CallManager "CTI Ports". Route points and station lines do not support "wave/in" and "wave/out".  You can run the Cisco soft phone application to test that your audio is working correctly.  Make sure to create CTI ports in Cisco's administration software, assign them a unique extension and create the associate to the user who who has the TSP installed.