Avaya Technical Information

Avaya supports TAPI on a number of PBX platforms and our customers have been successful in using Avaya TAPI capabilities.  However, it can sometimes be difficult to find specific TAPI information on the Avaya web sites and not all Avaya resellers have experience with TAPI.  You may need to encourage your Avaya representative or channel partner to escalate your TAPI questions to appropriate Avaya personnel.


Product Information


Avaya IP Office / Network Alchemy

Avaya IP Office is the successor to the popular Network Alchemy IP PBX.  IP Office is becoming widely deployed and is TAPI-compliant out of the box.  Click here for product information on the Avaya site.

Avaya Definity

The Avaya Definity has both a first party TSP and a Third Party TSP configuration.  Tone Commander phones or other ISDN devices can also be configured in first party mode.  In it's first party configuration, "IP Softphone" is installed on each workstation in "Telephone Configuration" along with it's TSP.  TeleTools then links to this TSP and to the phone via TCP/IP.  To operate in third party mode, you would need to have the Adjunct Switch Application Interface (ASAI) in installed in the Definity and Intel / Dialogic CT Connect Software installed on a Windows server.  The Definity links to the LAN via an Ethernet port which communicates via TCP/IP to the server. On each workstation, CT Connect TAPI software allows TeleTools to bridge the computer network and the phone network together.

Avaya / Lucent Partner ACS

This system originally developed by AT&T Lucent requires the PassageWay TAPI solution.  The phone business was apparently sold to Avaya so there is some confusion trying to get answers.  A good hardware dealer who has been around since 1996 should be able to help.


Sample Programs

Here is a list of ExceleTel sample programs that work well with most PBX's and phone systems:


Technical Notes

! NOTE / DISCLAIMER: Please know that ExceleTel can not possibly verify or keep up with every combination of hardware and operating system and changing version and in no way endorses any particular manufacturer's product other than our own. This document serves only as a guide to help you in finding information about hardware our clients have said successfully works with applications they have developed using TeleTools.  ExceleTel makes no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy of this information.