Alcatel TAPI Technical Information

Alcatel provides TAPI support for many of their PBX offerings.  Alcatel or a knowledgeable Alcatel reseller would be best suited to advise you of the appropriate options for your situation.

In addition, depending on requirements of your application, for the Alcatel products that support VoIP SIP, other integration options maybe possible.  Contact ExceleTel to explore this option.


! NOTE / DISCLAIMER: Please know that ExceleTel can not possibly verify or keep up with every combination of hardware and operating system and changing version and in no way endorses any particular manufacturer's product other than our own. This document serves only as a guide to help you in finding information about hardware our clients have said successfully works with applications they have developed using TeleTools. ExceleTel makes no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy of this information.

Technical Notes

Alcatel-Lucent OmniDesktop TAPI Premium Server

This server provides for both first and third party call control through TCP/IP based connectivity to the PBX and workstations.  It is our understanding that this capability comes integrated with OmniPCX Office.  With OmniPCX Enterprise a separate Windows server may be required to host the Alcatel TAPI Premium Server functionality.

Alcatel OmniPCX Office TAPI Conformance Guide

Alcatel 4961 TAPI Middleware for PC workstation

This hardware device allows for first party call control through a module that is installed in digital telephone sets.  The module is connected to the user workstation with a serial cable.  An Alcatel TAPI TSP (provided with the package) is installed on the workstation,  This is a legacy solution and may no longer be available through Alcatel.