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! NOTE / DISCLAIMER: Please know that ExceleTel can not possibly verify or keep up with every combination of hardware and operating system and changing version and in no way endorses any particular manufacturer's product other than our own. This document serves only as a guide to help you in finding information about hardware our clients have said successfully works with applications they have developed using TeleTools.  ExceleTel makes no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy of this information.

Drivers / Telephony Service Providers (TSP)

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Sample Programs

Click here for a complete list available sample programs provided by ExceleTel.

Here is a list of sample programs that work well with most PBX's and phone systems:


Technical Notes

The software requires a 3Com NBX solution with R3.0 or later system software.


3Com® NBX® WAV Application Licenses supports TAPI as well as WAV.  Features & Benefits

Connect Next-Generation Applications, Economically
These WAV driver licenses can connect 3Com® SuperStack® 3 NBX® and NBX 100 solutions to the increasing array of third-party applications that employ TAPI/WAV interface standards for transmitting audio and call control information over a data network. The licenses let you integrate sophisticated CTI applications using a standards-based software connection, rather than having to incur the additional cost and complexity of traditional per-port analog or digital connections.

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Unfortunately we are not able to provide a direct link.  We suggest you visit www.3com.com and search for TAPI.

Release Notes TAPI TSP version 4.1.66


  • It seems that in their latest version fixes many problems.  Be sure to get the latest version and to check this list to see what fixes have been implemented.

  • A large number of TAPI clients registering at the same time with an NBX system no longer creates a race condition in the NBX software. (ID 2124)

  • If you transfer an external call from one internal extension to another, the TAPI pop screen associated with the second extension now properly contains the caller ID of the external caller. This assumes that you subscribe to the Caller ID service from your telephone company and the caller has not blocked access to that information. (ID 1179)

  • Under these conditions, the TAPI browser software now properly sets the value of the dwCalledPartyOffset field:
    Set up the TAPI Browser to monitor a phone that is member of a Hunt Group.
    Set the Auto-extension of an Analog Line Card port to this Hunt Group.
    Make a call to the Analog Line Card port.
    When the call rings on the member telephone that is monitored by the TAPI browser, use the TAPI browser to run the lineGetCallInfo function for the monitored telephone and verify that the dwCalledPartyOffset field is set to the proper value. (ID 2727)

    TAPI Dialer

    The TAPI Dialer software now properly recognizes commas in a string of digits that it dials. (ID 1578)

    A user can now use the TAPI Dialer software to answer a call to a primary telephone that has one or more bridged extensions. (ID 1870)