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PriorityONE Support

Whether you are a customer who has purchased our products or are an evaluator who is taking advantage of our free 10-day trial activation, you may take advantage of our PriorityONE Support Service.  PriorityONE Support gives you our highest level of TeleTools support and brings you to the front of the queue when you need faster access to answers.

Benefits of PriorityONE Support

Annual subscription payment options
Yearly US$1,499
Quarterly US$499
Monthly US$199

When your project is mission critical, or you just need to make sure that you have priority access to our support staff and software developers, our PriorityONE Support is the answer.  Your support requests are specially identified and  prioritized in our support queue.

You also receive a 20% discount on major updates.  This means big savings over the normal price for updates from last years version to this, or even for edition upgrades such as moving up from our Professional Edition of TeleTools to the Enterprise Edition.

How We Prioritize Support Requests

ExceleTel prioritizes it's support queue in the following order:

  1. PriorityONE Support
  2. JumpStart or Proof-Of-Concept Services
  3. Purchased Products (Software or Hardware)
  4. Free Premium Trial License
  5. Free Basic Trial License