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How To Get Support

ExceleTel offers several methods of support. In addition to our free support, we've created paid support options to provide the response time and level of support you need. Do you want priority access to our support staff and engineers? Perhaps you are evaluating TeleTools and need pre-sales support, or you are working on a small project for which you just need a short period of handholding. Maybe you have a larger project and need ongoing technical help or maybe you would like help from an industry expert on a consulting basis. Could you just benefit from TAPI and telephony consultants? ExceleTel can team with you to provide programming expertise to supplement your staff or even code the entire application in order to get your project in on time. In each case, ExceleTel has just the right option for you. Here are the ways to get the help you need from ExceleTel, be sure to see which support option is right for you.

How We Prioritize Support Requests

ExceleTel prioritizes it's support queue in the following order:

  1. Annual Software Support Plans - Gold, Silver, Bronze (in that order)
  2. JumpStart or Proof-Of-Concept Services
  3. Incident or Hourly Paid Services
  4. Purchased Products (Software or Hardware)
  5. TeleTools Trial Software
  • Our Annual Software Support plans were created in response to our customers' requests for additional support and/or rapid responses for their time critical development projects and important production deployments.
  • JumpStart and Proof-Of-Concept are paid service options that offer our technical services at a steep discount in order to get you up and running on your project fast.
  • Incident or Hourly paid support services can be useful for occasional ad-hoc issues. However, we suggest an appropriate Annual Software Support plan for time critical development projects and production deployments that may need quick attention.
  • When you purchase products from ExceleTel, free basic email support is available for a limited time after purchase. You are encouraged to enroll in one of our annual support offerings in order ensure better access to our technical staff. 
  • The free TeleTools trial software download is intended to serve only as an initial exposure to TeleTools and a few simple sample applications so that you can see the basics of how things work. The free assistance we provide is intended to help you determine if TeleTools might be suitable for your project. A great next step is to enroll in our well regarded JumpStart service so that you can get your proof-of-concept work done quickly and be in a much better position to make informed decisions about your project direction and to push your project through to completion.

Consulting Services and Development Services

Do you need more than just traditional technical support?  ExceleTel has been at the forefront of TAPI software development for well over 15 years. Our experience in the development tools business with TeleTools has exposed us to a very wide range of telephony applications, telephony platforms, and perhaps most importantly, the wide and sometimes very frustrating range of telephony issues that you too may experience.

If you need help with things like computer telephony systems design, research on a specific TAPI device or function, or just want us on your team for ad-hoc queries, then our Consulting Services can help.  If you are short on in-house resources or just want to hire experts who can save you time in coding your application, then you need our Development Services.  Just click on the appropriate hyperlink to be taken to more information about how these services can benefit you.

We have helped developers all over the world navigate their telephony projects from concept to successful deployment.  Contact us today and perhaps we can help you too!