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Supported Version

ExceleTel TeleTools v3.7 supports Sybase 5 through 9

Sample Programs

Although we do have customers using TeleTools with PowerBuilder, unfortunately we know very little about PowerBuilder internally.  However we have a sample program that we can share with you that shows you how ExceleTel TeleTools can be used along with PowerBuilder. This program was supplied by one of our very generous customers.

This sample program was written with PowerBuilder 5 and TeleTools 3.5.  You will need to update it to your version of PowerBuilder and TeleTools 3.7 (see Project Setup below). 

Project Setup

This program was written using ExceleTel TeleTools v3.5.  You will need to follow the upgrade instructions found in the ExceleTel TeleTools v3.7 help file under Programming with TeleTools > Upgrading TeleTools > From TeleTools v3.5.  You should reference the Visual Basic Instructions and interpret them for your use in PowerBuilder.

If you are getting errors implementing TeleTools with commands such as:
you need to review the documentation for implementing ActiveX objects in your environment.  Many environments do not use the second period and require:

In addition, there some very specific ways to call objects in PowerBuilder. Here is a sample snippet of code:

if rb_etLine.Checked = TRUE then
    if Not uo_etTeletools.ole_etLine.Object.CallAnswer() Then
        is_eventmsg = uo_etTeletools.ole_etLine.Object.ErrorText
        st_info.text = is_eventmsg
    end If
end if