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TeleTools makes creating or adding telephony to applications easy!  TeleTools works through Microsoft's Telephony API (TAPI) to provide hardware independence (the ability to work with telephony devices from many manufacturers).

The benefits of TAPI are well-known, but if you have ever tried to write an application using the TAPI routines directly, or even gone through the Microsoft SDK, you can see how complex and difficult it can be.  TeleTools simplifies TAPI and makes your project a snap.

  • Add flexible and scalable computer telephony functionality to your application fast

  • Get expert help from ExceleTel - The TAPI Experts

About TeleTools

TeleTools Provides:
 Caller ID
 Called ID
 Redirected ID
 Play Wave Files
 Record Wave Files
 Call Waiting
 Detect Ring
 Detect SIT Tones
 Detect FAX
 Handoff much more functionality -- from basic to advanced

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To Help You Build:
 Screen Pops
 Call Centers
 Call Control
 Caller ID Apps
 PC Phones / Soft Phones
 Outbound IVR
 Call Timers
 Call Recorders
 Transcription systems
 Survey systems
 Operator Console
 Notification systems
 Message Delivery only by your imagination

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In These Environments:
 Visual Basic
 Visual C++
 Visual C++.NET
 C++ Builder
 Visual FoxPro
 Java Script
 VB Script
 Lotus Notes
 Turbo Delphi
 Turbo C++
 Visual DataFlex

...and nearly any other environment that supports ActiveX or VCL controls

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With This Equipment:
 Telephony Cards
 Desktop devices
 Server devices
 Dialogic / Intel / Eicon
 Way2Call (Hi-Phone)
 Vertical Networks

...and many, many others that support TAPI or SIP

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TeleTools is a collection of ActiveX and VCL controls you call from your telephony application so it works with most Windows software development environments. These controls release you from the drudgery of writing low-level code. Soon you will discover a new freedom to unleash your true creativity. Imagine - adding Caller ID simply by dropping in one control and dashing off two very minimal subroutines. TeleTools makes it that easy.

Above you can see four of our tools added to a toolbar in a popular development environment.  Below is a description of each of the TeleTools components:





This component lets you create and handle calls and events with a TAPI line device using TeleTools event, methods and properties such as:


...and many others


This component allows you to program and monitor a TAPI phone device  and control things related to handset, headset, speakerphone, microphone, message lamp, etc. with:


...and many others


This component allows you to play wav files in many formats, using sophisticated positioning controls from files or through memory buffers for faster access.  A few of the methods and properties you can user are:


...and many others


This component lets you record wave files to disk file or memory buffers.  You have access to sophisticated, yet easy to use editing features with support for embedded text annotation


...and many others



Here are screenshots of an Object Inspector showing just some of the Properties and Events supported by ExceleTel's etLine component


 Click on the Screen Shot below for a full-sized picture of a screen pop Caller ID application being developed

TeleTools works on all Windows 32-bit operating systems from 98 to XP and is compatible with Microsoft's TAPI v1.3 through v3.1. You can use it with a wide variety of development tools from Borland, Microsoft, SoftVelocity, Sybase and other manufacturers and languages like VB5, VB6, VB.NET, Delphi, Visual C++, C++ Builder, Foxpro, JavaScript, VBScript, and many others.  We have lots of samples available in several languages on our Samples Download Page.

Just a few of our rich features:

  • Complete Call Control
  • Detect ringing, busy, connect, disconnect, and much more...
  • Play and Record Wave Files
  • Total control over wave format
  • Respond to DTMF digits
  • Send DTMF digits
  • Works with Microsoft SAPI TTS (Text-To-Speech) to "speak" text over the phone line
  • Display CallerID with format masking
  • Handle worldwide phone formats
  • Support multiple lines, calls per line, and multiple addresses
  • Use windows CODECS  with our ACM support
  • Use your PBX's advanced call features
  • Hold, Unhold, Park, Transfer, Redirect and more...
  • Easily use Conference Calling, Three Way Calls and more...
  • Handle phone device features
  • Control speakerphones, handsets and headsets
  • Create portable code
  • Handle device specific features

And so much more!

ExceleTel offers four editions of TeleTools to suit your needs.  For a quick side-by-side look at the features available in each edition, check our product comparison chart.

Adding telephony to applications has never been so easy!  Don't just take our word for it - see what our customers have been saying.

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