TeleScope is the industry standard TAPI diagnostic, testing and operation utility.  Existing as a stand alone application or integrated into TeleTools, TeleScope allows you to monitor and control a TAPI-compliant telephony device through a graphical user interface. Every event and change of state is logged using the event, method and property names of the TeleTools development environment.  You have complete control over your line device, phone device and audio files.

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TeleScope 3.7 TAPI Utility

TeleScope 3.7 screenshot - Click above for a larger image

Unlike a code generator, TeleScope does not generate executable code. However, it is not limited to dealing with only certain functions.

By reading the log file, the programmer learns how to write code. For example, if you hear a busy signal and hang up the phone the log file might report:

    Line = Busy; Hangup = True

You immediately know how to write corresponding code in the TeleTools environment such as:

    If Line = Busy Then Hangup = True;

From the screen shot of an actual TeleScope log on the right, you can see a device selected, then activated, a call dialed, call progress and caller ID information events fire and the call disconnected.  All of these represent actual TeleTools methods, events and properties being reported on a TAPI PBX line using only TeleScope to do all the testing.

TeleScope runs with or without the TeleTools visual components. With the TeleTools visual components you can save time by simultaneously writing, testing and debugging your application. Without TeleTools, you can use TeleScope monitor any TAPI-compliant telephony device or software application.

Every TAPI Telephony programmer should have TeleScope in their toolbox.

TeleScope etLine Log

 etLine Log - Click above for a larger image


etPlay Screenshot

etPlay screenshot


TeleScope can be deployed separately to add value or it can be incorporated into your telephony application. The application can be programmed to make TeleScope visible for diagnostic purposes.  In this way, TeleScope can be used both at design time and at run time!  

With TeleScope, you can even play and record WAVE files in different formats as well as test conference calling, detect, send and receive DTMF digits and other advanced TAPI telephony functions.

We believe you will find TeleScope to be an indispensable tool for design, testing, and learning. Please note that each copy of TeleScope is separately licensed.

More information is in our complete help file that you can read HERE on the web page.

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