Record a wave file through the telephony line device

The etRecord control is used to record wave files over any available Windows Wave audio device (see Record a wave file). To record through a telephony line device you first need to select the correct wave audio device. The etLine.WaveRecord.Available property indicates if the select telephony device has an audio device associated with it. The etLine.WavePlay.ID indicates which wave play audio device is associated with the TAPI line device. Set the etRecord.Device.ID property to the value of the etLine.WavePlay.ID.


Using TeleScope

1. Make a Call or Answer a call.

2. Select the menu option "TeleScope | Synchronize | by etLine"

3. Display the etRecord TeleScope. For an example see Display the etLine TeleScope.

4. Click the Source tab.

5. Enter a file name with full path in the etRecord.Source.FileName edit box.

6. Select the menu option "Device | Active"
6. Click the first VCR style button adjacent to the Device list box


Using TeleTools

1. Make a Call or Answer a call.

2. Set the etRecord.Device.ID property to the value in etLine.WavePlay.ID


           etRecord1.Device.ID = etLine1.WaveRecord.ID

3. Set the etRecord.Source.FileName property to the file name with full path.


           etRecord1.Source.FileName := 'C:\MyProg\Wav\Test.wav';

4. Set the etRecord.Device.Active property to True.


           etRecord1.Device.Active := True;



When Recording through the audio device associates to a TAPI line device you must first have a call in the connected state (see Check the current Call State).