Telephony programming -
ExceleTel and TeleTools make it easy!

I know, you've heard it before, and now we've said it again.  So why don't we prove it?  OK, we will.  The simple example below shows just how easy it can be.  

This example explains how to create a simple CallerID program with Visual Basic and ExceleTel TeleTools.  The program displays both CallerID name and number on an incoming call.

A few clicks and 4 lines of code

So what does it take to get this done with TeleTools?  Exactly one TeleTools component and 4 (that's right four) lines of code.

Here's the process:

1.  Start Visual Basic.
2.  Create a new application.
3.  Add the ExceleTel TeleTools components to the Visual Basic tool bar.
4.  Drop two labels and the TeleTools etLine control on the form.

5.  In the form load event handler routine select and activate the device.
6.  In the etLine OnCallerID event handler routine set the label captions to display the CallerID information

7.  Run the application.
8.  Make a telephone call to the device.

Yes, that is it.  It's that easy!

Comparison -- With ExceleTel / Without ExceleTel

OK.  So how does this compare to doing the same thing without ExceleTel and TeleTools?  The table below shows a quick comparison that's probably already obvious to you.

With ExceleTel

Without ExceleTel

Lines of code required

4 About a thousand or so
Where can you turn for all kinds of help with telephony and TAPI? The ExceleTel team and it's years of telephony experience The volumes of documentation in your $2,800 MSDN subscription?  Expensive consultants?  Outdated books?  Inconsistent or irrelevant answers from on-line newsgroups?  Good luck.
Who tests the guts of the TAPI code? ExceleTel - you get well tested components in use by a multitude of developers world-wide. You do
Time required Very little You guessed it - a lot
Your return on investment Very high A virtual time and money pit

Yes, this is a very simple example.  What about more complex applications like the ones you are likely to develop?  Maybe you'll be playing or recording wave files, depending on DTMF responses, doing transfers, creating conference calls, call centers, voice response systems, 100 line applications, whatever...  


Here's a program that shows you exactly how to get started with a real-world application, a program that allows you to select and activate your TAPI telephony devices, input numbers and dial calls.  It tracks call progress and even shows incoming calls and caller id.  In addition, one button click launches our TeleScope that not only shows you more diagnostic and logging information, but opens up virtually unlimited world of functionality.  Just hover over any button, field or menu and see the method, event, or property that you need to use in your program!

Click HERE or on the picture for more info or to download

Every additional piece of functionality that you need means more learning, more hurdles, more time. But not with TeleTools!   TAPI can be very complex, and the API for a particular piece of hardware not much better and you lose the ability to work on multiple hardware platforms.  TeleTools gives you the best of both worlds.  The investment in your time and money by trying other options can take the fun and the profit out of the project.  Let us do the hard work for you!

It's really no comparison, so do not go it alone.  ExceleTel and TeleTools saves you time, money, and aggravation.  Try it, or buy it today.