TeleTools, our flagship product, makes creating or adding telephony to Windows applications quick and easy!  TeleTools is a collection of ActiveX and VCL controls you call from your telephony application so it works with most Windows software development environments.


Get a start on Windows telephony application development by understanding your TAPI-compliant telephony device. TeleScope is a unique utility that allows you to explore the characteristics of the device and helps you learn to effectively use TeleTools.  See inside TAPI and watch in real-time as events fire, methods are applied and properties are changed.


We can provide or suggest many other products suitable for your project. A small sampling of these is shown in our on-line store. Call or email us about what related telephony hardware may be most appropriate for your needs.  We can help you sort through the options, and many times can get you exactly what you need to get started in the right direction.