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Thank you for extending the trust. I did find my previous ExceleTel Tools disk, my previous password was ('xxxx') and the authorization key was 101A-1108-xxxx-xxxx. I will be upgrading shortly to the Enterprise Team License. Although I was about to reorder the Express when I received your e-mail, I really like your utilities. I am using the Executone Model160 TAPI phone system with 18 workstations.

Thank you, I am a paid customer.

I just want to write a quick note to let you know that I've downloaded the evaluation copy of Excele(Tel's) Teletools and I find it incredible. This is great software, this is what TAPI 3.0 should have been.

I'm presently working on an application under NT with TAPI 1.4. The application was in C++. I had a hard time recently cause I need to work with ADO datasource and in C++ this really suck compare to Visual Basic, so I was looking for a good product that enable TAPI adequately under Visual Basic. I tried a few of them (including Televoice), but your product really blast(s) them all.

It took me 8 hours porting my C++ code to Visual Basic with your toolkit. What I found great about it is that if you know TAPI (as I do) the learning curve with TeleTools is incredibly flat. It was like "If I was using TAPI natively, I would do that..." I guess they called the event "connected"" and that was it! Great, great software. You guys make me ashamed of not doing something like (this) before you!

The idea of including media control (playback and recording) with TAPI makes it a killer toolkit.

-Guy Provost

Count me on your fidelity list!

I've been a professional programmer for 15 years, and I want you to know this is the first time I've decided to buy a product I'm evaluating because of the quality of the help files.

The documentation one gets with almost any programming tool these days seems to have been cobbled together at the last minute, something forced on the most junior and un-involved member of the team because no one ever wants to do it. This poor quality has gotten to be so commonplace that I was frankly startled and amazed while reading your own documentation, something, someone (or a team of someones) obviously cared greatly about the quality of (the Help File) and spent some real time working on.

Please pass on my heartiest compliments to those responsible. And if you're one of those rich startup companies, buy them each a Jaguar.

John A. Priller | Phone 
MSU Cyclotron Laboratory 
East Lansing, MI 48824 

I downloaded the TeleTools Evaluation version this morning.

After a little problem moving things around, I got TeleScope to work!

I will DEFINITELY be buying this one before the end of the month! Just TOO DARNED USEFUL to 
be without!

-- Craig (The Data Ferret) for RARS, NetClip

I emailed your technical support yesterday about having a problem testing your Teletools Professional. Well, the problem is solved. I had to download an updated flash exe for my US Robotics XJ5560 modem. Now it works great. This will really speed up my Visual C++ application development. I still have some development and testing to do, but I am fairly certain my company will be purchasing your product within 30 days!

Stephen L. Flores
Systems engineer
Laycock Systems, Inc.

Our project is on hold until the next level of funding comes in.
We pulled off a miracle by bringing the project to a production level 
from a concept within 5 months. Now we have to wait.
Word is that we will have what we need within the next 30 days.
Will keep you advised.

We truly appreciate all of your support since we started. We could not
Have pulled it off without the likes of your team.

The best to you and yours for the holidays.

Mark Carten

Thank you for your (welcoming) note and message. As a matter of fact the (functions) your products offers amazed me. I (downloaded this) evaluation copy in order to (develop) a callback software that dials a number and hangs up after the second ring before the operators picks up the phone. I do not want to rely on a counter I expect the software to count how many times the phone is ringing at the recipient end and then hang up after reaching the number of rings i assign, if this can be done using ExceleTel, please devise of a sample code using visual basic, so I can evaluate. Again I congratulate you for such a product that supports those telephony subjects
Looking forward to read from you soon.


I just wanted to let you know that your assistance, knowledge, honesty & friendly attitude weighted greatly on the eventual purchase of your product. You were able to answer all my questions and concerns. If you did not know the answer you found it for me in a timely fashion. You are a credit to your organization.

I am sure that my experience with your product will be just as excellent. 
Thank you,

Paul Redman, Programmer 
Jencess Software & Technologies Inc.

Thanks, so far I'm quite impressed with TeleTools; I've managed to achieve more in a day than I did in a week with TAPI3.0 and it's much more powerful that the "build your own IVR" products that I've researched.

Robin Bennett
Covance UK

I am prepared to try (The MediaPhonics USB) - this sounds like an endorsement to me, and as I am possibly going to be buying boards in bulk (my contract is renewed for 3 months to build a marketable app - yay!) I'm sure they will replace it if anything goes wrong. As such - if it's OK with you guys , could you have one shipped to me ASAP. You have the details - if you need a different credit card number or authorization than I used for the Tools, please let me know.



PS. Chalk one up for ExceleTel, without whom I wouldn't have gotten a second contract. Also, if I do start buying in bulk - or at least regularly, Mediaphonics has no objection to my doing the buying through you.

Thanks for your notes. Love your job title!

I also love TeleTools. I've looked at three different packages and TeleTools seems by far the best. The documentation and sample programs are exceptionally good. I have to complete a test program of my own but I think it's highly likely that I'll be purchasing the software in a week or two.


Henry Silcock
Cambridge Consulting Services

Thanks for your prompt reply. We appreciate the offer made by Tim to give us the upgraded version at a discounted price of $150 or even a full refund if we want to return the Tool to Component Source. However we liked the product and are not interested in the refund. After evaluating couple of other controls, we found your product far ahead when compared with others products.

Once again we appreciate your prompt reply and tech support. Definitely we are impressed by the prompt support from your tech guys.

Thanks and Warm Regards,
'Steve Cummings'" 

I am really glad I found the Teletools - I could never have done what I 
did without them - nor would I
have had my contract renewed.


The demo ended up being Sunday. It went off without a hitch. The client is happy - system delivery is Friday. Thanks for the support!

Fred Hansen
Twin Lakes Home Automation

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