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Testimonials from our Customers

Nancy Gleaton at Success Path sent us a  note on a recent project that broke new ground for ExceleTel TeleTools. Click HERE for the entire text.

"I have been a dBase programmer for many years and decided to use that language to complete the project. The current release is called dB2K and the language it uses is dBL. I downloaded (the ExceleTel TeleTools trial) and was amazed at how easy it was to integrate into my application. And true to Pete's word, it was exactly what I was looking for. There were a couple of 'glitches' here and there, but with the outstanding support and hand-holding of [ExceleTel], my client is extremely pleased with the results. This is a product well worth looking at if voice-capable applications is what you are after!" -  Nancy Gleaton, South Carolina, USA

Calvin Wang is a consultant who uses our TeleTools Enterprise Edition along with the HiPhone device and Visual Basic. 

Just wanted to thank you for your helpful and speedy support. We're working under some extremely tight deadlines (who isn't?) and your concise replies are a blessing!

Keep up the great work -- our Exceletel purchase has already paid for itself several times over.

Calvin, Vancouver BC, Canada

You and your company are *SO* on the ball.  I seldom see anything close to your organizational competence. Please pass this on to your superiors - you have been doing an astounding job.  I would buy your product even if I didn't need it.

- Joshua

"We were trying to get a new market and the people in charge of that market would not give it to us without an automated reservation system. A subcontractor of ours had an automated reservation system which took them three months to develop but it did not satisfy this market's requirements. We purchased TeleTools and built our system in under two weeks. The TeleTools VCL components were very well documented and easy to use. TeleTools answered all our questions right away and even provided full instructions on how to set up the necessary hardware. Thanks." -  Avi Smith, Michigan, USA

"The demo [Sunday] went off without a hitch. The client is happy [and] system delivery is Friday. Thanks for the support!" -  Fred Hansen, Pennsylvania, USA

Tracy Jones says ExceleTel made prestigious awards possible.

"Not only did we receive a Best of Show award for the CTI EXPO, we also received a Product of the Year award from Call Center Solutions magazine.  Couldn't have done it without you and your product. Thanks!" -- Mr. C. Tracy Jones, CDP, President, MoonFire Corporation

Randy Currie likes the support.

"This is the kind of support I have been looking for in a company. Its nice to have a quick response and getting a solid answer from my query.  Thanks very much, and I look forward to doing business with you." -- Randy Currie, Sync Software, Canada

Richard Conley noticed that real people answer the phone at ExceleTel

"After spending many hours researching telephone, TAPI, and other TAPI-related resources for my Visual Basic program, I discovered ExceleTel TeleTools Express. In no time at all, my Caller-ID and Phone Center shareware program was working as planned. There is no doubt that Exceletel's TeleTools saved me many hours of programming. And a real person answers the telephone at ExceleTel. The staff is helpful and prompt. Keep up the great work!" -- Richard Conley

In about one hour, Darron added a telephone dialer to his temperature controller. "Thanks for writing a great control".

Darron Jennings produces electronic temperature controllers for the agricultural and horticultural industries. If there's trouble in the greenhouse, the grower now gets an automated telephone call. "I was using tapi32.dll calls to make the PC dial a list of alarm recipients, pagers, and cell phones, but that was buggy and difficult. I found the ExceleTel control, and within one hour replaced a module that took me over three weeks to write without it. I even added greater functionality, such as dial-in alarm configuration. Thanks for writing a great control."

Tony's telephony feature was ready for Beta in two days. The customer is already impressed.

After months of searching, I discovered the TeleTools ActiveX control for making voice calls within Visual Basic. Two days later, I had a version of my software ready for beta test. The control is one of the easiest I have ever worked with. And your support has been fantastic! I know I can call anytime and talk to someone with an answer. Our help desk administrator has been hearing complaints about the existing calling system. Upon seeing my immediate results with the TeleTools control, she is now looking forward to the new software. We both thank ExceleTel for the versatile phone control. -- Tony Winlker, Q Clubs Inc.

Jeff Pagley selected ExceleTel TeleTools over Visual Voice. It made his customers happy.

The capabilities of ExceleTel TeleTools made my clients very happy. As a result, I have decided to use your tools in place of the more expensive Visual Voice tools which I was using in the past. I am very pleased with how easy it is was to implement your tools to incorporate telephony capabilities in my Visual Basic applications. With the help of your excellent technical support, sample applications, and on-line help, I was able to save many hours in writing and deploying my applications. -- Jeff Pagley, Pagley Firmware Solutions, Warren, Ohio, USA

Leo told his customer a telephony application would be no problem. When he found ExceleTel TeleTools, it became no problem. 

Leo Rentzis: "The ExceleTel OCX that I used was a lifesaver." .... I do consulting on the side, and by chance was referred to an individual who was interested in having me design a TAPI-based application. In order to not lose the opportunity, I stated that it would be no problem, even though I had never designed such an app before. Then the shock came... TAPI is the biggest pain in the butt a developer can deal with! With callbacks and setting up structures, I was getting worried that I would have to drop the job. What made it worse is that I was to develop everything in Visual Basic, which is a terror for declaring APIs. While searching the Internet for help, I saw an ember of hope on your website. "Could it be?",  I thought... I downloaded the OCX and installed it with no problem. Then I read the documentation and, believe it or not, popped out the app in a breeze. For the value involved, there is no comparison.

Ed Likes the Service.

I am very impressed with the responsiveness of your organization. I have gotten better response from ExceleTel than any other net support group I have dealt with (and there is an excessive list of them.) -- Ed Rought (Adept Business Technologies, Reno, NV, USA)

Codrin is in Romania. Manny is in Nirvana.

Codrin Drăghici says ExceleTel has "a little fan-club" in Romania.

Martin Oberle (Germany) says "Without TeleTools, I wouldn't be able to develop my application without getting gray hairs."

Wesley M. Bibro, II (Algonquin, Illinois) says "Within hours of discovering TeleTools, I had basic telephony functions. In two days, I had a decent prototype application. A few weeks later, I completed a fully featured 'beta' that earned excellent reviews from my clients. With TeleTools, I can concentrate on programming objectives rather than being mired in TAPI callbacks. TeleTools is a godsend!"

With ExceleTel TeleTools, Manny Rivera ("Advanced Barcode Solutions") says he has "reached Programmer's Nirvana". "I can build exactly what I want quickly and with no restrictions or royalties! I can't say enough about this product."

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